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Mar 25, 2020 02:46 am    

The Olympic Games are the world's largest comprehensive Games hosted by the International Olympic Committee. They are held every four years and last no more than 16 days. They are the most influential sports events in the world. The Tokyo Olympic Games have been officially postponed to next year, but the name is still "Tokyo 2020".

The Olympics is a very "fashion" thing these days. The Olympic spirit is very close to our lives, and sports events have become one of the most popular lifestyles among young people. From skateboarding, an irresistible street activity for all young people, to becoming one of the Olympic events, we should understand that sports have never left our lives, but become more and more attractive. So it can also explain that even if we never play sports, we have such great expectations for the four-year Olympic Games. In the coming New Olympic Games, young people who love fashion and fashion, let me ask a very direct question - what kind of clothes do you want to wear?

The most obvious symbol of the Olympic Games is the mascot. The mascot printed on the T-shirt can be said to be very suitable for the occasion of the Olympics. Print T-shirt is a kind of clothing that can "talk". It use printed pictures, words and symbols to boldly express the thoughts and wishes of the wearer. Almost any content and emotion can express in it. More importantly, t-shirts are also a carrier of culture. CustomT-shirts can be found at major events such as the Olympics and anniversaries, or at school reunions and family trips.

The shape of the mascot of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games adopts AI style (indigo blue), and the alternate color of blue and white grid echoes the pattern design of the emblem of the Tokyo Olympic Games - at the same time, it pays tribute to the traditional Japanese culture and the innovative modern Japanese culture.Miraitowa's name is inspired by the Japanese proverb "learn from the past and develop new ideas". Miraitowa is lively, athletic and selfless. With his powers, he can teleportation to wherever he wants to go.

Origin of name
The name "Miraitowa" comes from the Japanese words "mirai" and "towa." "mirai" means "future." 'towa' means' forever '. The message is that in the minds of people around the world, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will usher in a future of eternal hope.

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