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Mar 30, 2020 10:06 am    

The decoration of the bathroom of the new house, although the shower curtain customization is a small part of the decoration, but also have to pay attention to the following small issues, otherwise it is not ideal and re-customized after the installation, which is quite troublesome, so the small Let's take a look at a few questions about shower curtain customization!

First, the material of the shower curtain 
In the process of customizing shower curtains, the material of shower curtains is the first thing to consider. Generally, families choose relatively environmentally friendly materials, such as peva materials. Its advantages are that it feels comfortable, has no taste, and is smooth. As for the comfort and drape of the hand, it depends on the amount of EVA in it. The higher the content, the softer it feels and the heavier the drape. In addition, the content of PVC determines its transparency and durability. Therefore, when customizing the shower curtain, you should choose the material of the shower curtain according to your own needs.
Second, Shower curtain thickness
The thickness of the shower curtain is an issue that must be considered in the customization of shower curtains. Relatively speaking, shower curtains of medium thickness are more popular. The custom thickness of the shower curtain is mainly due to its concealment and breathability. If you have selected a material with a good drape, you can choose a thinner shower curtain. The breathability is good and it is not easy to mold. He Leer Why not?
Third, the size of the shower curtain
Since the shower curtain is customized, when choosing the size, we can determine the size based on the structure of the bathroom. It should be noted that, in the customized size of the shower curtain, the width is 20cm wider than the width of the hanging shower curtain. From left to right, the ductility of the hanging fabric will change, and there will always be varying degrees of bending in the middle, which must be taken into account. At a height, the shower curtain is usually 10 to 20 cm off the ground, so as to avoid immersion in the water or dirt, and it will not cause you to step on and trip and tear the shower curtain. It should also be reminded that shower curtain customization is measured by hand after all, and there will be some errors, about 2 to 3 cm, so you must have this mental preparation.

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