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Mar 11, 2020 08:11 am    

Today, with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, smartphones have become our closest friends. Wherever we go, our mobile phones are always with us. Therefore, everyone wants their mobile phone to be beautiful and different. Customized phone case, avoid the same as other people's mobile phones, create their favorite personalized mobile phone shell, let their mobile phone beautiful. The unique phone case in addition to their own use can also be given to dear her, or to friends, so innovative gifts will let each other fondle.

There are a few things you need to consider when starting your design. Here's what you should do when considering how and where to create your own phone case.

Before you decide to buy, see where you can find this custom service. Read customer reviews of their products. This is a valuable reference to determine whether the site's merchandise is worth your purchase.

Make sure you can preview your design using online customization tools to help you understand how the final product will look. You won't be too disappointed when you receive real goods. If you're applying photos to your custom design, make sure you're using high-quality photos, because blurry and overexposed photos look exactly the same when printed on the phone case! Take a moment to double-check the photos and images you've chosen for your design to make sure they have the right resolution and enough print quality. Websites may not want to be refunded for your mistakes, so you should be careful to avoid receiving defective products.

Production time and shipping time are hints you need to know. If you are not satisfied with the goods you received, can you return them for a refund? Since many sites offer customized services, but it may not satisfy all customers, shipping and returning products can be lengthy. If you're customizing a personalized phone case as a gift, it's also important to consider shipping time.

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