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More and more people use mobile phone cases, but they worry that custom mobile phone cases are easily dirty. Therefore, it is necessary for users to know how to maintain and clean mobile phone cases.

4 Kinds Materials of Phone Case to Cleaning and maintenance

Metal phone case
The metal mobile phone case has a strong protection ability, has a textured appearance, has a personality, is not easy to wear, and is more resistant to dirt. But cleaning is also very troublesome.

  1. Clean water cleaning method: According to the above clean water cleaning method, wipe the metal mobile phone case with a wet rag for preliminary cleaning.
  2. Toothbrush and toothpaste cleaning method: There is dust in the gap between the metal mobile phone case, so you can use a toothbrush and soap to clean it. At the same time, the metal mobile phone case is easy to clean off the dust, so you do n’t need to use too much force to brush, just brush it , You can achieve the effect.
  3. Alcohol cleaning method: When you encounter particularly stubborn stains, you can use alcohol or a cleaning agent to clean it. Alcohol has a good cleaning effect on paint, plastics and building materials.
  4. Oxalic acid solvent cleaning method: If there are rust marks, it is recommended to use 2% acid grass solvent to dissolve. Spray on the rust places. After 2-3 minutes, wipe them with a paper towel or rag.
    Silicone phone case
    Silicone phone case has better protection ability, very soft, comfortable feel and rich color. Therefore, it is also particularly prone to being stained with dust or dirt.
  5. Clean water method: Immerse it in water with a dry cloth directly, then fully wring the water. When the water is almost the same, clean the inside and outside of the phone case once. This method is suitable for the bottom of the phone case. Use case.
  6. Eraser method: This method is also suitable for mobile phone cases with low levels of dirt. It can not only erase handwriting on paper objects, but also non-smooth phone cases, so use it to wipe In addition to the silicone phone case is a way to clean the phone case.
  7. Toothbrush with toothpaste cleaning method: If there is dirt or dust on the phone case, use a small toothbrush to stick some toothpaste to clean it. If it is oily, use a toothbrush to stick some detergent to clean it.
  8. Wind oil essence cleaning method: If there is a strong sticky stain on the phone case, such as glue, use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of wind oil essence and evenly apply the material, and use a small toothbrush to clean it. Can remove stubborn stains.
    Frosted phone case and plastic phone case
    The materials of these two kinds of mobile phone cases are put together almost. The cleaning methods of these two kinds of mobile phone cases are not so special, so the methods that can be used for silicone mobile phone cases and metal mobile phone cases can be used. It is mainly water cleaning method, toothbrush and toothpaste cleaning method, if it is stained with oil, ordinary cleaning agents can also be cleaned, such as detergent cleaning agents and the like. If you encounter very stubborn stains, such as gum, paint, glue, etc., you can use wind oil to drip on the toothbrush to clean it. However, do not use corrosive liquids, such as gasoline. In addition, the two kinds of mobile phone cases talk about the most is its maintenance issues.
    How to maintain frosted phone case and plastic phone case?
  9. Avoid high temperature exposure: Because these two mobile phone cases are mainly made of plastic, it is easy to deform and turn yellow when exposed to the sun.
  10. Avoid friction: The materials of these two mobile phone cases are relatively hard, and it is easy to leave scratches and affect aesthetics when friction occurs.
  11. Avoid falling: The material of frosted mobile phone case and plastic mobile phone case is harder and more brittle, so avoid falling so as not to damage the phone case and the phone.
  12. Stay away from open flames: Fire is the natural enemy of these two types of mobile phone cases. They are easily melted when exposed to high temperatures, so pay attention to the source of the fire.
  13. Regular cleaning: If you want to keep the mobile phone case clean and beautiful at all times, you need to clean it regularly, not only frosted mobile phone cases and plastic phone cases, but also silicone phone cases and metal phone cases.

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