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Apr 15, 2020 09:35 am    

To be honest, the mobile phones come and go with those brands, and the designs are copied from each other, and they have no personality at all.
  So, the custom mobile phone case is an expression of our uninhibited indulgence of love and freedom. Brother is so handsome, how can he hit the mobile phone case with others as soon as he goes out?

Candy packaging
  This ... this, my wife is so cute, and so bright, is there any chic, and it looks a bit like a candy shape really sprouting me.

Lego bricks
  Lego, reminds me of my childhood that is gone forever, full of innocence, can pretend to be demented children, huh.

Drink bottle ice cream
  I was focused on this at first glance. It is a Korean feel, and the soft girl has a little chic style in Europe and America. However, this silicone mobile phone case has a disadvantage, that is, it is really big.

Cheap cat silicone
  I believe that many "cheap" people will be obsessed with this type of mobile phone case, and sometimes they will be really hit by such cheap, sultry, and languor things.

Monster University
  The collection of monsters, Hu Di, Buzz Lightyear, childhood, of course, is also full of innocence.

Simulation cookies
  Personally, I like this kind of mobile phone. The biscuit is indistinct. I bought it and wanted to go downstairs to buy a packet of biscuit immediately.

Rice cake cute bear
  This is so cute. For some of the little bear fans, the face value is too high. Helping to change the phone case is like playing a cross-dressing game. It is simple but very addictive and cannot be extricated.

Creative handmade stickers
  Most mobile phone cases are flat, and they can't make any moths. It's really easy to get bored. Occasionally a three-dimensional mobile phone case is really a feeling of the texture of the mobile phone. With so many chocolates attached, the saliva flows again.

Scissors hand shredded white meat
  This is a mobile phone case that I like very much. It is very special. In the flat world, it has opened up all of my brain holes to the maximum. The design of the ruffian and the cheap name are really addictive.

Wrinkled paper
  This is a bit of a spoof. Sometimes people really don't like a smooth, wrinkle-free life. Occasionally, they change to a pothole, and the uneven shell is crushed.

Doodle hand drawn
  This kind of design like graffiti for elementary school students is as attractive as Crayon Shin-chan, with a peculiar style and a little childish, but it is inextricably wanted to own it.

Plush rabbit
  The price of this case is relatively dazzling, about two hundred, which is regarded as a Rolls-Royce in the phone case. However, this furry touch, this cute little bunny, feels that his heart is healed. ps: There are other animal shapes, there are many choices, and kawaii, it is very worth starting.

Alice three-dimensional relief
  At first glance, it's a gorgeous feeling. It's a kind of feel like church glass. The theme is mainly fairy tales. It is a fantasy and gorgeous route. It is also full of temperament with the relief of the three-dimensional feel.

Sakura relief
  This is obviously necessary for small freshness. It is simple and generous. I see a lot of eye-catching shells. It is also very comfortable to change to a lighter one. (This reminds me of that sentence again, warm and intimate.)

Crazy olein
  This series is quite famous, the key is that the design is very weird, and the bad things always make me feel inexplicable.

Minnie wool felt
  The combination of wool felt and mobile phone shell is very special. But I have seen a lot of very ugly combinations, but this should be cautious, because he only has a good-looking face, but many of the sides are not covered by wool felt. When buying, look at the photos sent by the buyer. Random YY has the same effect as the seller show, everything is floating clouds.

Starry sky
  At first glance, there is a low-key luxury feeling, I feel that they are more fashionable. A small thing can also reflect the owner's taste.

Three-dimensional cactus
  I love green, green land, and green forests. I am always full of vitality and freshness. If my eyes are tired, look at this piece of life inside the phone case.

Chaoxin Crayon Shinchan
  Meng Bing Meng Bian Xiaoxin, as if every cell is calling me to start it! Rest assured, I'm walking towards you on foot.

Popsicle ice cream
  This is very similar to the second recommendation above. It is also inspired by ice cream and full of summer feeling. But, I think this design is more ingenious and more personal.

Sailor Moon
  I've seen many beautiful girls' shells, but I like this the most. It focuses on the design of the sides and is three-dimensional. The director is not simple to leave blank. It still uses elements from the American War to enrich it. The combination of plane and three-dimensional is the biggest bright spot. Such a shell is a well-deserved representative of beauty and wisdom.

Three-dimensional food
  This is purely sharing, I think it is too interesting. However, when you use it, the phone case is still a bit overheated. When you use it, your hands are greasy, sticky, and uncomfortable.

Spoof food
  This is known by the name, spoof. I really admire the designers. How come they think it is too talented. It is because of the designers who have opened their brains that we have the opportunity to see so many strange and messy mobile phone cases.
  I think I live to see all these peculiar things in the world. Life is really fun, I have n’t seen many things, never played, so I really want to see more fun.
  It ’s fun to share something with everyone.

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