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Many people are now starting to customize their own t-shirts . Some groups uniformly customize T-shirt, and they also customize them according to their personal preferences. So is it enough for the t-shirts to be handed over to custom manufacturers? So how is the pattern printed? The editor will tell you what are the main methods of making cultural shirts !

The production method of cultural shirt-screen printing technology
Screen printing is composed of five major elements, screen printing plates, scrapers, inks, printing stations and substrates. Screen printing technology is exquisite, textured, and very suitable for group customization. The reason is that screen printing only needs to open one version If the number is large, the cost of opening the plate can be averaged on each piece of clothing, so if your team is relatively large, it is very cost-effective and affordable to choose screen printing.
 Custom T shirt

Culture shirt making method-thermal transfer technology
Thermal transfer is a new technology in the past ten years. The main principle is to print the pattern on a film, and then use high temperature to print the pattern on the clothes. The pattern printed by the thermal transfer technology has bright colors and layers Rich, realistic and beautiful, it is very popular with everyone, but thermal transfer is not suitable for large-area printing, otherwise the clothes will not be breathable, thereby reducing the wearing experience. 
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The production method of cultural shirts-digital direct injection technology
The digital direct injection machine breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, and realizes the real printing of a single print, without the need for plate making, and full-color images. It is like a printer, directly print the pattern to be printed on the clothes, high efficiency, rich colors, low cost, and the production threshold is relatively low. If you only want to customize one or several clothes, you have to choose Digital direct injection technology, if you have very high requirements for printed patterns, then digital direct injection technology is also very suitable for your printing needs.
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The above is the most common method of making cultural shirts on the market .

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