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Nov 14, 2019 03:40 am    

During the childhood and adult, we have seen a lot of anime, From the beginning only are a few of anime, the Astroboy, Tom and Jerry, the Doraemon and later to the one-piece and pokemon. Death note one punch note. Different ages with different animation. When we’re growing up, we may still love the animation, maybe we’re not interested in it. but still have some roles with hard impressive, such as the Pikachu from the pokemon and Luffy from one-piece. These roles accompany many evenings after school. Nowadays people have their personality, they have their idea of the combination of shoes and clothes and different kinds of custom made shoes and clothes will meet their needs. Custom made stuff will bring you a unique experience.

Anime Shoes design

Pikachu gives the impression of people are cute. The audience of pokemon said they want to own a Pikachu in real life. However it's hard to achieve, but can be achieved in custom shoes. This shoe has the same unique thunder as Pikachu and the same color as Pikachu. There not only Pikachu, that can be many roles. Can choose a different types of shoes with your unique photo.

Luffy from one-piece

Anime Shoes design

Tom and Jerry

Anime Shoes design

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