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Nov 20, 2019 08:00 am    

First, why is the shower curtain easy to stick to the body?

When taking a shower, the water sprayed from the shower makes the air in the shower curtain form a whirlpool. It is like a mini hurricane. The air pressure in the center of the vortex is very low, and the surrounding air sucks the shower curtain.


Therefore, the greater the water flow in the bath, the more "lighter" the shower curtain is, and the easier it is to stick to the body.


Basic knowledge of shower curtain



Second, the choice of material for the shower curtain

There are three kinds of materials for shower curtains: plastic, PVC, PEVA.

1.The price of plastic is cheap, but it is not strong, and it is easy to broken. Now it has been compared in the market.


2.PVC has a good texture and good permeability, and it is strong and durable.

3.PE&VA is a polymer composed of PE and EVA. It is non-irritating, environmentally friendly and has a good drape.


Basic knowledge of shower curtain


Third, the size of the shower curtain


1 The width of the shower curtain is greater than the distance between the two walls of the hanging shower curtain, otherwise, it cannot be blocked the bathroom completely. Generally it is more than 20cm, for example, the distance between the walls is 150cm, and the shower curtain is at least 170cm wide.


2 The bottom of the shower curtain is 2cm away from them through the air, and it is also avoided to be dirty or slip.


3. The height of the shower curtains is generally between 180cm and 200cm.


Basic knowledge of shower curtain


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