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May 11, 2020 03:07 am    

During the holidays, it is always a pleasure to bring your family, take a trip without hesitation and go to a warm beach. In addition to the essential swimsuit, swimming cap, and goggles, have you ever thought that the best beach towel is also a piece of very necessary equipment for a swimming vacation?

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A Beach towel is also a kind of bath towel, but it is mostly used for outdoor scenes such as the beach. Can wrap on the waist, drape on the body, tie on the neck on the head, serve as the ornament that covers, still can spread on the beach, one side is isolated from tide lie between sand, the other side person can lie on the beach bask in the sun. Actually, the biggest effect of the beach towel still is the moisture of rapid wipe the body surface of people, because the skin is below wet condition, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine passes the reflex action of pool or seawater, cause insolation effect to be able to be 3 times! So be sure to pack an oversized beach towel when you go on an outdoor beach vacation!

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The baby's immune protection system is gradually strengthened after the age of three. The baby's skin is relatively delicate, and the sun's damage to the baby is more serious than that of adults. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a beach towel to dry the baby's water in time when he leaves the water. It can keep warm and prevent sunburn!

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