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Apr 28, 2020 02:23 am    

T-shirts should be one of the must-have fashion items for every girl in the summer, but blank solid color T-shirts seem to have some space holes. In all kinds of clothing styles, how should the T-shirt highlight the encirclement? Simple! Printing a pattern on the T-shirt can show the "careful machine", I am youthful, handsome, and my personality! So, your 2020 T-shirt Is the theme of the print pattern set? The following custom editors will make suggestions for everyone, allowing you to show the domineering of "my personality, I am the master".
 Custom T shirt

T-shirt printing pattern-metal detail control pattern
The metal frame is inlaid with silk embroidery, and the combination of two luster textures can't help but remind people of Van Cleef & Arpels classic jewelry. The frame of the exquisite Xiqiao is inlaid with “filled” gems with beautiful colors. Using delicate nail beads to outline the lines of the pattern, highlighting the color and texture of the group, the overall sense is rich in layers and colorful. The metal accessories are naturally integrated into the fabric, which is exquisite and exquisite, but low-key but surprising.
 Personalized T shirt

T-shirt printing pattern-blue casual pattern
Every summer is the home of blue, and the low-key blue-gray tone of spring and summer 2020 will bring the elegance to the extreme. Looking for peace in a busy life, enjoying the leisure time on the weekend, and wandering at the moment of ease and tranquility. The soft and quiet summer blue and blue-blue shorts create a comfortable feeling of vacation and leisure, while complemented by bright yellow embellishment, the whole is more lively.
 Cool T shirt

T-shirt printing pattern-digital fantasy
The psychedelic wind patterns in the form of faults such as transition exposure, blurred focal length, distortion, pixelation, etc. present a more three-dimensional and imaginative visual picture. Whether it is a heterogeneous pattern design or the original style of the T-shirt, it can bring vitality to the overall clothing style.

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