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Dec 04, 2019 03:04 am    

We've noticed that more and more Bohemian style shower curtains are appearing in magazines and design blogs, so it's no surprise that they're now in our bathrooms. As a self-proclaimed boho addict, this is a trend I can seriously get behind.

As early as a few years ago, bohemian decoration was basically a small branch of global inspiration or bathroom decoration. But the times have changed dramatically. Today, bohemian decor is a bit like Justin beiber - it has taken over the design world.

If you're ready to give "bathroom Bohemia" a chance, we've collected some of our favorite shower curtains to help you get started.

Bohemian style shower curtains are appearing

Beautiful batik

I don't know how this happens, but every time launch a new creative shower curtain collection, all I can think of is clearing all my bank accounts so I can buy every single one. This batik shower curtain is no exception. Dark colors look great in a pure white bathroom, and graphic patterns are a great starting point if you want to add more texture to your space.

Bohemian style shower curtains are appearing

Pretty Palms

A Bohemian space is often a blend of plant and natural elements, which is why I love this watercolor-style palm bath curtain. If you regularly kill any plants within 10 feet of you (guilty as charged), this is the perfect way to get some greenery into your home.

Bohemian style shower curtains are appearing

Merry Moroccan

If you can't afford a traditional Moroccan boucherouite rug, this shower curtain is for you. The pattern on this curtain is similar to what you see on these fashionable carpets, but the price is very low. The simple black-and-white color scheme means you can easily apply it to almost any palette.

Bohemian style shower curtains are appearing

Bold With Ikat

For more color options, consider this iconic shower curtain. The curtains come in a variety of patterns and colors that echo the ornate, collected textiles you see in Bohemian homes and Spaces. This is a great option if you've been itching to be bold in your bathroom but aren't quite sure how to do it.

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