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Nov 23, 2019 03:27 am    

A piece of clothing that is perfectly qualified for the spring, autumn and winter seasons will be hoodie. Comfortable, casual, stylish and individual. The hipsters who are at the forefront of fashion are even more fond of the tide brand hoodies. Every year, all brands are rushing to launch a variety of hoodies, even our "Chinese goddess" - LaoGanMa also hoodies! Also on the New York Fashion Week. Yes, that is the chili sauce LaoGanMa. The label on the chest of this street fashion hoodie is the "LaoGanMa" trademark that is popular all over the world.


Brand of Chill sauce "Laoganma" have hoodies







Laoganma's hoodie designed in addition to the iconic logo print, the left sleeve is also printed with the words "国民女神", quite eye-catching! The right sleeve is printed with English words. Paired with a black apron with the words "老干妈", the classic red and black visual effects are presented in the supermodel, and the fashion sense is multiplied!






Brand of Chill sauce "Laoganma" have hoodies



 Debuted in the second season of "China Day" held in New York Fashion Week in Spring and Summer of 2019. In addition to Laoganma, there are also a series of brands with unique Chinese cultural genes, and they have also displayed their fashion items in the store.



Brand of Chill sauce "Laoganma" have hoodies

("YunNanBaiYao"medical brand)


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