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May 06, 2020 07:39 am    

When purchasing this indispensable household small thing, the throw pillow cover must not be casual. Although it's a small thing, its function is not small. Sometimes a small throw pillow may be the finishing touch on the sofa in the living room or the highlight of the home space. Today we'll take a look at these super British style pillow covers , which will make you love it.

 small patterns and English sentences, design uncomplicated Britain style printed pillow cover

This kind of product is very fashionable. Young people's life is based on solid colors, with simple small patterns and English sentences drawn. The design is not complicated but reflects a strong British style. Different colors but the same design style of several throw pillow covers can form a set, which is very integrated at home.

black and white, classic, letter, number and texture design, throw pillow cover

Very simple numbers and letters can make your home look full of personality. Black and white itself is a classic. The design of letters, numbers, and texture makes it more unique, simple, and avant-garde and the whole set is easy to match.

the pipe-smoking detective Sherlock Holmes  shadow print pillow cover

Sherlock Holmes, the great detective with his pipe in his mouth, is a symbol and representative of England. It's a great gift for reasoning fans to printed his distant shadow on the pillow cover.

Rich patterns, brightly colored, graffiti-style print pillow covers

Strong graffiti style, showing the street young people's pursuit of fashion art, with a distinct sense of the times, highlighting a personality and attitude, like its rich patterns, bright colors are also eye-catching.

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