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Nov 23, 2019 03:16 am    

Your guide to reusable and eco-friendly promotional tote bags.

What custom design to use

Building Brand Awareness? Look No Further Than Custom Tote Bags

More than 3000 brand impressions with large totebags for most, businesses and organizations will put their logo on any promotional item. A custom tote bag provides enough space for the logo to ensure that anyone can see its direction. You can also put the logo on both sides of most tote bags to maximize their effectiveness.

In some cases, however, a sign may not be enough. For example, maybe you run a relatively new company, or your trademark is just an image without corresponding words, so that new consumers don't know what you sell, or even what your company's name is.

Building Brand Awareness? Look No Further Than Custom Tote Bags

In these cases, you obviously want to include more identifying information (such as text) or even contact information (such as websites). Websites may be the most effective way to increase brand awareness, because when your tote bag users are out and about, anyone who can see the bag can just look you up on their phones.
This becomes increasingly important when you consider that mobile transactions will account for more than half of all online sales by 2021.

In addition to ensuring the clarity of your custom design, you may need to add other details, such as slogans and even graphic design elements. A good slogan can help you differentiate your brand from your competitors and make your company more memorable. Without a great brand, phrases like "just do it" or "I love it" mean nothing to anyone.

You can also choose a design that does not necessarily use a logo. If you have a graphic design department or have the resources to hire designers, please let them use their creativity to design the image that makes your enterprise stand out.

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