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Jan 19, 2020 09:30 am    

Custom Canvas bag is a kind of casual, light, versatile, can be installed and not expensive items, easy to carry at the same time, but also can express themselves through the pattern on the canvas bag, with the words of canvas are reminiscent of The lazy afternoon and white shirt teenager in the school days, but now the canvas bag is not only a memory of the school days, the freedom of canvas bag creation, so that everyone can make the canvas bag a carrier to express their own attitude and personality.

In addition to the infinite possibilities of wearing a canvas bag, the biggest feature is that it is practical. The large capacity can hold books, cosmetic bags, tablets, etc. The canvas bag holds everyone, watching you understand To mature and sensible, to welcome every spring.
Custom canvas bag pattern-illustration

The second dimension seems to be a big label for youth. The animation and the illustrations derived from it are very common patterns in canvas bags. Whether it is the Q version or the normal illustrations, the girls are full of hearts on the canvas bags. The reason why the second dimension is the second dimension is that the whimsical in our normal life is a thing that we can't do in the three-dimensional space. We put such imaginations in another space, and these are things we never imagined. give up.
Custom Canvas Bag Pattern-Photo

After talking about the second dimension, the next one is the third dimension. What we see every day is the world, but electronics have taken our attention. How long have we not put down our phones to look at the world and look at the crowd, and the photos are A group of people who like to observe the world, record the world, and use their own understanding of the world and add filters. Such pictures are our lives, but because our lives are a little different, there are always some wonderful colors.
Custom canvas bag pattern-text

In addition to pictures, text is the most capable way to express your inner attitude, and the presentation of text is more concise and clear. Whether in English or Chinese, it can be expressed most directly and is most easily understood. The content of the text, the size of the font, and the way of arrangement and combination are all ways to strengthen the connotation of the text.
The canvas bag is our Doraemon pocket. It is cute and can be loaded, and it is age-reducing and versatile. A custom canvas bag is more distinctive. It cares more about your own attitude than others. Help you design your own custom canvas bag.

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