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Because the canvas bag is durable and the customization price is relatively low, many merchants or enterprises will choose to customize some canvas bags to attract consumers' attention when doing related promotional activities. Moreover, relevant promotional information is printed on the canvas bags. Wherever you go, advertising can be done. This is a multi-purpose advertising method for event organizers. Below, I will tell you about the three details of customizing canvas bags that you can't ignore. Let's take a look together.
  1. Pay attention to the quality of the canvas material
  No matter what kind of fabric, the higher the density, the better the quality, and the canvas is no exception. If you want to customize a canvas bag with a better quality, you must pay attention to choosing a high-density canvas, so that the canvas bag will be durable. Moreover, good canvas feels soft and delicate, and poor canvas feels rough.

  2. Pay attention to the strength of the manufacturer
Although the production process of the canvas bag is not complicated, but it also has certain requirements on the manufacturer's technology. When choosing a custom manufacturer of the canvas bag, the merchant should pay attention to checking the manufacturer's past production cases and related technical equipment to see if it can achieve its own dreams. To the effect.

  3. Pay attention to the workmanship of the canvas bag
  When customizing canvas bags, you need to pay attention to whether the stitching of the bags made by the processing factory is neat, the spacing is even, and whether there is any off-line. The denser the pins of the bags, the more durable the bags will be and the threads will not break easily. . There is also whether the sewing thread used is the same or similar to the color of the bag. Although most of them will use the same color, it does not rule out those factories with poor quality and no strict requirements on product quality.

Canvas bags made of three details that cannot be ignored
Canvas bags made of three details that cannot be ignored

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