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May 18, 2020 08:16 am    

The throw pillow is known as "the all-purpose oil that lives in adornment", also be "the adornment picture that moves in the home"Sometimes, you only need to change the pillow cover to change a new face for the sofa. Moreover, the personalized pillow cover is also the fastest way to add color and appearance to the home.

1. Refer to the surrounding elements for patterns and colors

If hold pillow cover to regard as an adornment, so it appears particularly important with the collocation of the whole space. The color that throws pillow cover, design can consult all sorts of elements around to do an echo. For example, the color of a pillowcase can be the same as the color of curtains, carpets, murals, and so on. So can achieve a kind of space tonal consistent feeling. Similarly, the pattern can also be used in such a way, such as the pattern of exquisite furnishings, the pattern on the curtain, the pattern on the wallpaper, and so on. In the final analysis, it is to highlight the unity of the whole space, so that the whole space will not become disorganized.

2. The bold choice of bright colors

If your living room is a neutral tone, you can boldly choose a bright color. This kind of bright color can inject more vitality into space. The more neutral the space color is, the brighter your pillow cover color should be. For example, the common lemon yellow pillow cover, when used in the neutral tone living room, will appear particularly brilliant. But the quantity must be well controlled. Too much can be too complicated.

3. Adjacent color are also good choices

If you like the color but don't want the whole space to be too messy, you can choose adjacent colors or similar colors. These colors are very similar but slightly different, so they look peaceful and elegant. The two adjacent colors on the color tray often make people feel more layered visually.

Different colors, elements, and materials can also bring different styles. Simple collocation can make the sofa NEW! So, after watching the strategy of choosing a pillowcase, go to choose some favorite pillow cover design , and give your sofa a new look!

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