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Oct 09, 2019 01:18 pm    

Common Dimensions and Buying Knowledge of Pillowcase

As we all know, a person's mental health is closely related to the quality of a day's sleep, so in order to ensure a good mental state every day, people are eager to get good sleep. The quality of the pillow is directly related to the quality of sleep. Therefore, everyone cares about the pillow core in the pillow. This is actually true, but people ignore the role of the pillowcase. The pillow can only be comfortable if the appropriate pillowcase and pillow are combined. Now let's take a look at the pillowcase.

Brief introduction of Pillowcase

It is one of the important components of modern pillow, which can protect the pillow core, keep the pillow core clean or improve the aesthetic level. There are three basic styles of modern pillowcases and pillowcases: ordinary one-piece, Oxford and edge.

Common Dimensions of Pillow Covers

In fact, the size and shape of pillow core determines the size of pillow sleeve, so the size of pillow sleeve with different pillow core is also different. In general, the pillowcase size of a single man pillow is 470*740mm; that of a couple is 470*1200mm and 470*1500mm; and that of a child is related to the height of the child, such as 300*460mm, 300*500mm, 380*580mm and 250*400mm.

Pillow Cover Selection Knowledge

In addition to the most basic size, there are many things to consider when buying pillowcases. For example, the material of pillowcase. The main materials used for sewing pillowcases are cotton cloth, cotton polyester and man-made fibers. The most comfortable fabrics are pure cotton fabrics, which have good air permeability and moisture absorption, and do not irritate the skin.
When choosing a pillow case, you can first look at the overall appearance of the pillow case to see if there are color differences and folds, and then carefully observe whether the pattern of the pillow case is clear and the color distribution is uniform. In addition, high-quality pillowcases are soft and comfortable, so when choosing pillowcases, you can feel them with your hands as much as possible.

Now there is also a pillowcase called silk pillowcase, also known as natural silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcase, especially for sensitive skin, delicate skin of infants and the elderly, the effect is obvious. It has the characteristics of air permeability, moisture permeability, smoothness and closeness, giving people a refreshing, smooth and natural extraordinary feeling, full of elasticity and durability. It can also be designed with embroidery needles and colored lines, embellished on fabrics, and made pillowcases with embroidery patterns or words, which has unique artistic charm.

Common Dimensions and Buying Knowledge of Pillowcase
Common Dimensions and Buying Knowledge of Pillowcase

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