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Mar 05, 2020 03:09 am    

When customizing hoodies, the most important thing for everyone in the choice of pattern. I always want to be creative, but I always have a blank head. Is it punk David or the brand logo, or other interesting patterns?


Interesting and creative faces like this are also worth entering. Like the sculpture of David with sunglasses, it has a modern punk feel, highlighting the entire T-shirt.



Choosing the stickers well will increase the eye-catching index of the entire shape. You said that you like your hometown and country, and you feel very representative, but you feel that the dry words are not artistic, it can help design your hometown logo. 



People always like to put other people's brands on them, but now everyone is doing this silently. But it ’s better to customize your patterns. Ukrainian artists combine classic art with the Internet era, add Emoji's emoticons to famous paintings, emoji famous paintings, and let these interesting expression packs once again have new fun on the Internet.






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