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Jan 10, 2020 06:46 am    

The selfie has become a habit of many people, and the design in this t-shirt pattern is to express this theme. A brown bear who has almost stopped his heartbeat. When Death came to his side to take away his soul, he did not forget to take a selfie stick with a selfie of Death, and he did not miss any chance to take photos with "celebrities" 


Creative T-shirt pattern——"Crazy selfie soul"

Ironically, some people in modern times take pictures blindly, regardless of whether they are good or bad. They also ridiculed some people ’s blind and irrational act of chasing stars. Even some people who did not want to be photographed were helpless. Take pictures in moderation, and you should install the time in stages.The seemingly cute cartoon T-shirt pattern design has a deeper meaning.

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