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Custom Pillowcases

Cushion, pillow choice

The purchase of pillows : the core material is comfortable, and the outsourced materials are commensurate with the sofa.
The core material of the pillow is generally sponge, cotton, hollow cotton, etc.
These materials are fluffy and soft,
The choice is based on comfort and self-adaptation.
Cushion, pillow choice

Outsourcing materials usually use plain cotton, twill cotton, fleece, satin, nylon, canvas, etc. The selection criteria are to meet both the texture and comfort you like, and the overall style of the sofa.
Cushion, pillow choice

Cushion placement: The principle of "big big enters small," "big inside and small outside" is placed in order.
"Big, big and small" ,
It means that the closer to the middle of the sofa, the smaller the pillow should be.
Visually it feels more comfortable.
Cushion, pillow choice

"Large inside and small outside" ,
Means closest to the back of the sofa
Swing a little square pillow,
Then place a relatively small square pillow in the middle,
At the outside, add some small lumbar pillows or candy pillows appropriately.
In this way, the entire sofa area looks not only hierarchical,
And the maximum comfort is taken care of.

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