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Started by on Feb 29, 2020 – Last touched: Mar 02, 2020

Feb 29, 2020 03:57 am    

The hoodie has always been very simple clothing, but with the development of fashion, designers design more and more personalized hoodie, the hoodie is no longer simple, become fashionable and personalized. Generally, the hoodie is pure color or color, or it has a printing pattern.

Colorful hoodie appears to have vigor and vitality more, and the hoodie design of printing has individual character, wearing a special fashion, people all like this type of hoodie. when buying a hoodie, there is also a trend for people to buy custom hoodies, such as custom colored hoodies, custom embroidery printed hoodies, which are more fashionable and handsome and can highlight their own ideas.

Men's customized white embroidered print  hoodie with red flowers

"Embroidered custom printed hoodie" as the name implies is to use the embroidered printing pattern design on the hoodie, which is more fashionable and vivid than the simple printing pattern. Originally it was a white hoodie, but there was a red embroidered flower on it, and the hoodie immediately became different, bright and vivid.

Men's customized white embroidered print  hoodie with red flowers

This black embroidered custom-made printed hoodie has more personality than the white one. It's a little looser. There are color embroidered patterns on it. I think it's eye-catching. It's fashionable with personality in simplicity. Such a hoodie must be purchased.

Many embroidery designs are quite special´╝îthe design is a bit more complex can wear handsome, the design is simply a bit more delicate. It's both probably because of the exquisite patterns. Embroidered hoodies like this are fashionable and personalized. Don't like the embroidery pattern of the finished hoodie? It can be customized.

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