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Jun 01, 2020 02:20 am    

The value of the pattern on a T-shirt is much higher than that of a T-shirt itself, because without your design draft, this T-shirt is a meaningless blank T-shirt, and your pattern design is to give it new life. at the same time, excellent pattern design also needs a high-quality T-shirt to fully show its value.


We think that as long as it is what you like, your idea design is worth customizing, even if it is not so perfect.

Customization of personalized pattern pictures:

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Customized T-shirts with personalized pattern pictures, the meaning that a pattern can express is often not single, and at the same time, different people will have different views. The difference between pattern types and text types is that customized T-shirts with individual pattern types are not as straightforward as text so that people can see what they mean at a glance and hide their preferences or ideas vaguely in the pattern. Let the pattern reflect something or some spirit or something meaningful.


The customized T-shirt has become a major trend and fashion choice for the personality and creative development of society. On the T-shirt customization website, every design idea you have can be easily realized here. The self-owned factory is of high quality, cost-effective, and stable quality. Compared with the high threshold of ordering quantity in traditional factories and the criticism that we do not attach importance to small orders, we retain the most stringent and professional attitude requirements for the customization of every T-shirt.

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