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Mar 05, 2020 03:24 am    

Throw pillow is a common item in home life

If you can turn ordinary into unusual, then you are a person who knows how to enjoy life and how to create romance. A gift of personality can bring feelings closer, a gift of personality customization, but also a strong catalyst to open each other's heart and move each other.

If you haven't figured out how to close the distance between you and your partner, then DIY throw pillow cases are a good choice to pay attention to! It is important to explain here that pillowcase and pillow core are sold separately in many cases. Why introduce custom pillow cases? Because the main thing that makes the throw pillow special is the look of the pillow case.

The gift itself can be ordinary

But adding some ideas is completely different. Clear and exquisite photocopying patterns are the best gifts for relatives and friends, just like their beauty.

Personality DIY custom throw pillow case contains romantic color, hold in the arms, warm in the heart, just like you in the heart, full, to always cherish the feelings, always cherish you!

Personality life I call the shots

Don't just know how to survive, when you don't know how to think about life, hold the throw pillow family sent into your arms. You and I on the pillow are the witnesses of our love, feel the warmth of our hearts, and always treasure it in arms.

Even if you are always around, but still miss you, want to give you all good, love you like life, will not miss your every growth process.

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