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Apr 16, 2020 06:55 am    

These fun and easy to use throw pillow cases instantly bring the light-sailing look of a beach cottage into your home. Show a wave of primitive whimsy. Custom pillow cases enhance the texture of home decor with beautiful Marine creature whale design.

Whale throw pillow cases can have a major impact on your home decor because they are the core of sofa decor. Whether you like bold whale images or creative patterns with the same theme, the whale theme is undoubtedly an interesting theme, and you can choose realistic design or more whimsical design. Our artist's original paintings capture the beauty of whales. Printed pillow case to build a halcyon and comfortable atmosphere.


This lovely throw pillow case is perfect for any whale lover! Do you like whales? This throw pillow case is made of our high-quality polyester fabric and has ultra-soft properties.

The Bird and The Whale Throw Pillow

Whale tail, this splash water whale tail pattern. Full of fun, entertainment and spirit, it will live happily in any room!


When planning whale or ocean-themed home decor, please first choose a throw pillow case design with your favorite image or color. You can then add other matching decorations on this basis, with the ocean as the theme or a solid color that matches the whale pillowcase.Customized personalized pillow cases can add the beauty of ocean decoration to your room, or it is the perfect gift!

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