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Started by on Dec 30, 2019 – Last touched: Dec 30, 2019

Dec 30, 2019 03:40 am    

The focus of creative cultural shirts is creativity, and design lies in their own ideas. Customizing the patterns of creative cultural shirts requires your own unique insights. Design fun and beautiful patterns to print on clothes. Let ’s take a look at the following creative t-shirt design pattern materials with the editor of T agency.

Custom shirt design

1.Super Mary and Alien T-shirt design

The kid who used to only mushroom, has now grown into a little red-hat old man driving a robot to fight alien creatures. Time is passing fast. My childhood partner, Super Marie, was my first glance. I almost couldn't remember his name when I saw this design work.  

Custom shirt design

2.Colorful skull king t-shirt design
The colorful shirt design of "Skull Skull King" reminds me of an online game "Miracle" I played a long time ago. Skull King's hometown is in the Warrior Continent, which often brings out a group of Skeleton Soldiers to bend. At that time I was still young and ignorant, but I was killed N times by it. But later, the Skeleton King was the smallest boss in the miracle, but was abused by the young classmates. After that, I never saw it again.
Custom shirt design

3.Brain hole wide open shirt design
The character in the "Brain Hole" t-shirt design is a classic image of Einstein's tongue. What kind of mystery is hidden in his brain? Let the designer take us to take a look at this genius Magic brain. To understand the brain of a genius, you must first have rich imagination, which is the theme of today's t-shirt design, "brain hole".

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