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Dec 13, 2019 03:11 am    

Nowadays, as people have more and more requirements for the quality of living standards, many things have changed from the original necessities of life to "luxuries" for creative design, such as the popular custom T-shirt. Both individuals and groups like to show their personality or improve the cohesion of the team by customizing clothes. Compared with the ordinary purchase of ready-to-wear, custom-made T-shirt obviously has an advantage. Next, will tell you about the advantages of custom-made clothing.

Customized T-shirt has more advantages than ready to wear

First. Custom-made T-shirt-- tailor-made.
For individuals, when we buy clothes, we usually look for favorite styles on the Internet, such as Taobao, Tmall and other stores, or go to brick-and-mortar stores to choose them. But have you ever been in such a situation, browsing on your mobile phone and running out of power or not finding the clothes you like, shopping until your feet are sore and you still haven't bought the dress you like. This is a very common phenomenon.

Because no matter whether we look for it on the Internet or go to a physical store to buy, it is ready-made clothing that has already been designed. other people will not take into account their personal favorite needs when designing and making, but follow the trend of popular aesthetics. what they sell is popular aesthetics, but what many young people need today is personality and fashion. As a result, the advantages of bespoke clothing are reflected.

We can choose the design we like at will, design it ourselves, and then choose the style and color we need and print it on the clothes. this is a unique piece of clothing that only belongs to us and can show our own personality. The clothes made in this way can better meet their own preferences and needs than buying ready-made clothes.

As far as the group is concerned, it is more necessary to customize the group clothing. If a group wears neat and uniform clothes, it can give people a better sense of visual impact and make its members more cohesive. And in the design, the team can design clothes according to their own team characteristics to show the cultural characteristics of the group, which is also an incomparable advantage over the purchase of ready-to-wear on the market.

Customized T-shirt has more advantages than ready to wear

Second. Customized T-shirt - fabric style
When customizing clothes, you can also choose fabrics and styles according to different needs of individuals or groups. For example, if the enterprise customizes the work clothes, it can choose the fabric style according to the characteristics of the industry. The white-collar workers of the company can choose the polo shirt which is more formal. If the fabric is summer, they can choose the soft and breathable pure cotton fabric. If it's an outdoor group organization that loves sports, when customizing clothes, you can choose the quick drying clothes that can breathe and sweat in summer, and the cold proof and warm charging clothes in winter. You can also choose the fabrics and styles you like freely. For example, pure cotton T-shirt is the best choice for your customized clothing. Pure cotton fabric makes the T-shirt comfortable, soft and breathable. The T-shirt styles are versatile, and the printing space is larger.
Customized T-shirt has more advantages than ready to wear

Third. Customized T-shirt - price advantage
The price advantage of customized clothing is more reflected in group clothing customization. Due to the large printing volume of group garment customization, the cost of printing will be evenly spread, and the cost will be much lower. As for the custom-made clothing, since the printing volume is usually only one or two pieces, the cost of printing is borne by one person, so the price will be higher than that of group clothing customization. But generally, people who choose personal custom T-shirt have higher requirements for quality of life, so the higher the ability to bear the price.

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