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Oct 11, 2019 03:13 am    

Customized hoodies are indispensable in autumn wardrobes!

Loose and leisure hoodies are not only looks slim, but also full of styling feel, different design styles, so that your styling more points.

Loose Edition

Combining profile design with sleeves, it does not restrict body shape, but is slimmer. If it is a self-cultivating hoodie, it will appear particularly small, so the loose version can create a vibrant feeling and shape will be more practical.

Pure color design, lace embellishment

The main body of the hoodie is pure color design. Adding bold and bright colors will make clothes more selective. It can be more comfortable to wear, without too many fancy patterns and match some design lace or tailoring, without losing the taste of personality and fashion.

In addition, the hoodie is not limited to traditional design, can add some exposed shoulder elements, can also become more fashionable. Zipper or hat design is the classic element of hoodies.You can have a full sense of leisure just by mixing loose and comfortable jeans or tights at will.

Customized hoodies are indispensable in autumn wardrobes!
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Oct 14, 2019 09:54 pm

Very useful article, gave me a lot of help.

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