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Mar 03, 2020 06:37 am    

Buying bags seems to be the nature of women, and girls with personality are no exception. Compared with those big-name leather bags, customized tote bags with original style are more popular with young people and are more suitable for fashionable young people to buy. The following creative tote bags can meet the requirements of your personality fashion.

Color illustrated tote bag

Greyhound colorful abstract pattern Tote Bag

The strong color impact and the bold collision of cold and warm tones make people think of Picasso's abstract painting color. This is a very artistic pattern. Carry a bag like this and pretend to be an artist.

Banana leaf printed tote bag

Tropical Palm leaf, banana leaf, greens, Hawaii, retro style Tote Bag

Green banana leaves constitute the whole picture of the bag, staggered banana leaves with a black background, people can not help but love.

Simple letter shopping tote bag.

Hold on let me overthink this. (W/RQU) Black text. Tote Bag

A very simple tote bag, so simple. This is a very versatile tote bag.

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