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T-shirts are worn by everyone, and it is a very popular clothing, whether it is single or casual. Then we have some small details when customizing T-shirts , which can not be ignored.

Customized T-shirts are the most overlooked workmanship and quality details

Custom T-shirt quality needs attention to the details

  1. The thread: the most test quality in the T-shirt is the thread, even the thread on the clothes are not willing to deal with, this relatively small details are not handled well, do not expect the quality is better, the thread of the processing is the most basic.
  2. Color difference: Under normal circumstances, the fabrics coming out of different dyeing cylinders will have a certain color difference, which is slightly understandable, but if the root is not a color, the problem is bigger. Many purchases are easier to ignore when viewing clothes. .
  3. Cprinting process: I believe that everyone is relatively easy to ignore, feel good-looking on the line, may be because many purchases do not understand. For hot stamping, check whether it is uplifted, etc. The silk screen needs to check the color fastness, and the embroidery needs to check whether there is any broken thread.
    Customized T-shirts are the most overlooked workmanship and quality details

More T-shirt custom made work details

  1. Neckline: It adopts the pull-type thread technology, which has the advantage of not being deformed compared with the ordinary neckline, and the proper curvature, keeping the collar comfortable and not neck. The inner collar of the garment canceled the previous theme. The exclusive design of the enamel printing avoids the phenomenon of hanging the neck of the main sling, demonstrating the comfort of the atmosphere.
  2. Cuffs: perfect double-car West line sewing high-quality cuffs, comfortable and comfortable printing; using advanced printing technology, after repeated washing verification, the pattern does not decolorize, maintain a good touch, creative to create a retro feeling, add fashion.
  3. The hem: the hem of the precision car line sewing, meticulous workmanship to ensure no off-line, no deformation, wear-resistant and washable, perfect seaming process, each process has undergone quality inspection, eliminating the risk of opening the line. Fabric; exquisitely made of high-grade cotton fabric, soft and skin-friendly, comfortable and comfortable.
  4. Shoulder: unique trimming, fit the shoulders, more realistic shoulder lines, comfortable and not tight.
    A high-quality custom T-shirt is based on the aesthetics and function of the premise, as much as possible from the ease of production of style materials and the structure of the clothing and other details. The consequences of not paying attention to the details are the result that the product quality is off-line, the zipper is derailed, and the buttons are easy to fall. When we customize the custom T-shirts, we must let the manufacturers pay attention to the details, so that the T-shirts produced can be more durable and textured.

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