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Mar 18, 2020 03:53 am    

Theme of environmental protection public welfare customT-shirt.Now more and more people begin to attach importance to environmental protection, and more and more public welfare activities are always reminding us that protecting the environment and protecting animals is to protect our earth home.

Then customized environmental protection public welfare T-shirt has become the best choice for environmental protection team clothing, printing some environmental protection public welfare patterns is also more eye-catching and intuitive, what is the theme of customizing this kind of environmental protection shirt?

Environmental protection public welfare T-shirt customized-Earth hour

This group of customized environmental protection public welfare T-shirts specially designed for Earth hour can be said to be very simple and creative.
The theme of this year's Earth hour is "Symbiosis with Nature", which focuses on the decline of biodiversity, so we have to protect animals, oceans, forests, and the homes on which they live. so that each creature can have its own pure land for survival.

Environmental protection public welfare T-shirt customized-protect forest

Nowadays, many art students or painters like to go to different places to take pictures, so that the paintings will be more real.
However, if we continue to cut down indiscriminately, I am afraid that one day, the students who go to collect the wind will only see the following scene, which used to be luxuriant and shady, but now there is only a broken stump crying. Paintings can be fake, we can connect trunks and green leaves to broken trees, but our real forest can not return to its original appearance.

Environmental protection public welfare T-shirt customized-global warming.

In recent years, temperatures in the Arctic have repeatedly broken new highs, glaciers are melting, and polar bears, which rely on sea ice for food, are hunting in a worsening environment. Studies have shown that the area of summer sea ice in the Arctic has been reduced by nearly half in the past 40 years, which means that the living space of many animals living in the Arctic that depend on sea ice has been halved. Global warming is a serious problem, and it is also the concentrated embodiment of all uncivilized human behavior. Deforestation, waste of resources and destruction of biodiversity are all factors leading to global warming.
To protect the earth, we should start from ourselves and the little things around us.

The above content is the customized theme of environmental protection public welfare T-shirts shared with you today. If you want to know more about customized print T-shirts, please follow us. If you need customized services, you can contact us directly and we will provide you with quality services.

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