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Nov 27, 2019 03:38 am    

Although read a bag innumerable, but to say the most favorite type of bag, must be tote bag! Casual, light, versatile and large capacity, every look can match with it at will. The tote bag with strong design sense is a good external form to express self character.However, due to the cheap materials and low price, tote bags have gradually become the first choice of many students.In fact, there are many kinds of tote bag materials, different materials have different prices. In addition, in this era of patent, design and R & D, a good-looking and well-designed tote bag cannot only be measured by material.

Some big brands also launch tote bags (pictured above is a parody of chanel, not from chanel), and many star bloggers like to go out of the street with designer tote bags~

Customized tote bag with strong sense of design

How to carry out the fashionable and avant-garde high-level sense of the little fresh and student vision tote bags~? You may need to select the tote bag in this way to match each set of fashionable clothes

Look down.

Basic tote bag with black and white background
The basic tote bag is as white as the figure below. Two straps are mainly black and white. How detached the pattern is depends on your liking and the designer's aesthetic.

Customized tote bag with strong sense of design
Customized tote bag with strong sense of design

Such a tote bag is completely the student party's sense of vision, and there is nothing outstanding in the design. I remember that when I was in high school, I bought a pure white tote bag and drew pictures with acrylic paint.

The avant-garde design of basic style
If you want to make a fashion mark on the basic tote bag, you have to work on the pattern.

Customized tote bag with strong sense of design

The printed English is also very fashionable, but the fairies can read the Chinese meaning of English when choosing. Don't blink your eyes, it's not good to buy some bags with strange meaning.
Customized tote bag with strong sense of design

In fact, printing English and hand-painted English are very good, the difference is whether you can guarantee a sense of fashion when you draw by hand. If you are not good at painting, you can choose to customize yourself. The customized pattern effect is more guaranteed.Professional digital customized printing website :Custom Design Tote Bags

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