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Oct 08, 2019 12:51 pm    

To meet the personal needs of young people, customized shoes can be customized by sending pictures.

First you choose your favorite shoes, and then send a picture of your favorite shoes, which will be displayed in the specified part of the upper. By adding some personal design to the details of the shoes, you can create a pair of shoes that only belong to you.

Usually, photos taken with mobile phones are ready-made materials. They can be amazing landscapes, interesting everyday life, or even pictures of pets printed on shoes. You leave it at home and it feels much cooler than the picture in the frame.

This picture is in late autumn at 6 a.m. in Beijing. Although there are few stars in the sky, the aura of sunrise is particularly beautiful.
Inspired by this photo, a pair of shoes with the theme of starry sky was designed. The photo is presented in front of the whole shoe. The waist and heel are filled with space customization elements to avoid too much confusion and other details are filled in black and white.

The second pair is still landscape photographs. Cherry blossom has always been a relatively rare and popular color matching theme, especially welcomed by girls.
In order to create a pair of cherry-blossom shoes, this pair of shoes will be printed on both sides of the shoe body, more complete picture presentation, other details using light pink and white response theme, the whole has a sweet and refreshing feeling

Finally, you can sign your shoes.
Make it your unique work

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