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Started by on Nov 18, 2019 – Last touched: Nov 18, 2019

Nov 18, 2019 02:05 am    

Remember the tens of thousands of pigeons that were released during the National Day military parade this year? Many people don't know where so many pigeons came from. In fact, after the National Day military parade, there was a media secret. Seventy thousand pigeons were actually borrowed from the public. Most of the pigeons can still find home after flying. Road, and each pigeon can get a special memorial foot ring. In fact, it is not just a military parade. Many times we like to use something as a commemoration. The school uniform is a memorial to the campus. The photo at graduation is a memorial to youth. There are also many people who have customized commemorative T-shirts to commemorate various activities or a certain relationship.

Design commemorative T-shirt

The most important thing to commemorate T-shirt customization is the pattern. This is also an important reason why we choose to customize T-shirts instead of buying T-shirts directly. So how do you design a commemorative T-shirt design? What should I pay attention to? 
Commemorative T-shirt design - clear theme
First of all, the most important thing we need to design a commemorative T-shirt is to define the theme. What we need to commemorate can be designed with relevant elements. For example, if it is a class reunion commemorative shirt, we commemorate the feelings of the student era, commemorating our youth, you can use some elements of party, youth, campus and so on.

Design commemorative T-shirt

Commemorative T-shirt design - concise
To commemorate the design of T-shirts , we must remember to be concise and clear. This does not mean that we can't design more fancy, but we must be fancy and have a clear theme. We can't pile up all the messy elements, or not just what type of people can't see. Commemorating the T-shirt will make people feel confused.

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