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Dec 25, 2019 03:00 am    

There are many mobile phone cases on the market today. There are made of a different material. Some people like soft materials and some people prefer hard ones. Before purchase, a phone case, how to judge this phone case is what you want? What material is it? What are their characteristics?

Different material of mobile phone case


Silica gel

The earliest material used to make mobile phone cases, the material of silicone is soft and slippery, but it is easy to get dirty due to strong adsorption, and the price and quality  of silica gel are different



Different material of mobile phone case


 It is a popular mobile phone case material in recent years. It is resistant to oil, water, mold, and shock absorption. The texture of the TPU is soft and slightly harder than silicone. The biggest feature is abrasion and dirt resistance, good anti-sweat and anti-slip effect


Different material of mobile phone case

PC Plastic

The advantages are good light transmission, strong hardness, thinness and toughness, and excellent heat dissipation.


Different material of mobile phone case


The biggest feature is that it looks elegant and chic, giving a retro feel. The characteristic of leather is that it feels comfortable and has good heat dissipation.

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