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May 11, 2020 03:35 am    

Printed face masks , masks are the most commonly used health protection products, whether to prevent the invasion of viruses or dust and haze, as well as warm, love beauty people used to play a role in beautifying decoration, etc., you can see its figure.

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A face mask with various designs, fashion, and protective properties appears on the market. On the premise of huge market demand for digitally printed face masks, combined with digital printing technology, the face mask is endowed with rich colors and unique patterns, which will expand its market influence. It has become a fashionable single product integrating health protection, beautify, fashion, personalization, environmental protection, and comfort.

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Looking at the present, a lot of traditional printing methods have been gradually abandoned by the customer, screen printing can not do a gradient, transfer printing, and have a bad feeling! But now the emergence of digital printing because of its POllution-free, convenient, simple, personalized customization, one-time molding, and other advantages, make up for some of the shortcomings of traditional printing!

geometric, art, color splicing, color block, printing face mask

Why do you choose digitally printed face masks?

Green environmental protection -- the production process of digital printing has got rid of the pulping process in the traditional printing production process and avoided the dye emission. The green production process has no burden on the environment.

Process safety - The digital printing process does not destroy face mask functionality. On the premise of not destroying the fibrous tissue and pore diameter inside the face mask, only the thermal transfer process in the digital printing process can be used to print the mask.

Quick response and flexible production -- the production process of digital printing is faster and more flexible because it has got rid of many processes in the production process of traditional printing, greatly shortened the process, reduced the time cost and applied computer technology to transfer image information.

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