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Jan 04, 2020 06:30 am    

Nowadays, the important fashionable elements for young people to express their personal attitudes are full of playful vitality decoration and interesting patterns to bring eye-catching effects, and the need for personality and differentiation is more obvious. Incan embroidery can make a variety of personalized patterns , And cloth stickers with simple outlines and individual patterns are cleverly transformed into Zhangzai form to cleverly embellish clothing, forming personalized fashion shapes. Let ’s take a look at how to customize interesting patterns on velvet hoodies !

  1. Lunar Travel Hoodies Design
    Diy hoodies pattern material

The creative design of the "Lunar Travel" hoodies pattern design is inspired by the short film of the same name, which was released in France on September 1, 1902. It tells a whimsical science fiction story. It is said that after the American Civil War, a group of people who were keen on researching new artillery, out of interest and curiosity about the unknown world, determined to create an unparalleled artillery, sending a manned shell into space and sending it to the moon. As a result, the shell hit the face of Uncle Biscuit, the moon.
2.Mezcarin hoodies pattern design

Diy hoodies pattern material

The figure in the design of the hoodies design of Mescaline shows us what it looks like after taking a strong hallucinogenic drug, Mescalin, which grows in the arid areas of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. A cactus whose seeds and flower balls are ground into powder and can produce strong hallucinations and hallucinations. It is a hallucinogenic drug. PS. "Away from Drugs, Cherish Life".

  1. Migratory bird migration hoodies design
    Diy hoodies pattern material

Migrating migratory birds is one of the main elements of this hoodies pattern design. The style of the hoodies design work of "Migratory Birds Migrating" has a sense of Chinese ink. Despite many achievements in studying bird migration, many difficult questions remain unanswered. Birds work hard every year, what is the reason for traveling back and forth between mountains and rivers? The argument that they have to avoid the cold for the winter does not convince people.
The custom hoodies is to regenerate the pattern you like on the hoodies. Because it is a clothes customized by yourself, it has unique characteristics, and you do n’t need a huge amount of consumption to get a customized garment. Welcome today, custom trendy hoodies have become a phenomenon, so if you feel excited, come to us to customize it!

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