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Dec 02, 2019 03:15 am    

We usually put doormats at the door of outside because we often go in and out, we will bring dirty things to our house inevitably. When we enter the door, we will soil the floor easily.


If you want to keep the floor clean in your home, then the doormat is an indispensable household item. At that time, many friends will consider if this doormat should place outside or inside the door?


Doormat--place inside or outside of the door


When entering or leaving the house, often have some dust or debris off the shoes and bring them into the house, so put the doormat outside the door and rub the shoes on it a few times when entering the door so that the dirt will not be brought in At home.


Doormat--place inside or outside of the door

After entering the door, we need to change shoesso a doormat is also placed inside the door. The doormat must be non-slip, to be safe. Only need to lift the doormat, and remove the dirt below it when you clean the floor

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