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Started by on Jan 09, 2020 – Last touched: Jan 10, 2020

Jan 09, 2020 03:10 am    

Everything can be customized a mobile phone case? Childhood ice cream and post-it notes are not much, see the end: a bit hungry

Everything can be a customized mobile phone case?

I believe that everyone now has their own mobile phone, and the best way to pack and protect the mobile phone is to wear a mobile phone case, so now there are many different kinds of mobile phone cases, and even everything can be used, which can definitely exceed Your imagination, let's take a look at some very special mobile phone cases today. The first is the childhood ice cream in the picture. I believe that this snowman ice cream must be the childhood favorite of everyone. In the picture, the ice cream is made into a mobile phone case. It looks very cute and gives people a feeling of remembering childhood.
Everything can be a customized mobile phone case?

Then there is the mobile phone case of the post-it note in the picture. I believe that everyone liked the post-it note when they were in school. They can remind themselves of things to do and keep them beautiful, because most post-it notes have beautiful and cute shapes. In the picture, the bear's post-it is pasted on the rainbow mobile phone case, all of a sudden it becomes super soft and cute, and it is very full of girls' hearts, and presumably girls like it very much.
Everything can be a customized mobile phone case?

Then there is the pizza mobile phone case in the picture. Pizza is definitely a food that many people like very much, because it is not only full of cheese, but also can put a lot of food, you can feel a variety of flavors. And this phone is directly made into the shape of pizza, and there are foods such as green pepper and onion meat on it, which looks more delicious and exciting.
The last is the barbecue mobile phone case. Although the pizza is delicious, barbecue is the real food for us. The mobile phone case in the picture includes not only barbecued sausages, but also grilled enoki mushrooms, and there are also very authentic Chili sauce looks very real, people can't help but want to take a bite, even feel a little hungry, barbecue lovers believe that there is no resistance to this phone case. But looking at it this way, I found that everything is a mobile phone case.

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