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What issues do people care about when making T-shirts
T-shirt shirt customized attention to what you want to do? How can I make a suitable and cheap T-shirt? First of all, let's find out, what factors will affect the price of T-shirts? 
Material: T-shirts are usually made of cotton, and CVC (about 40% polyester fiber and 60% cotton) is also useful. If T is long, a thicker cloth is usually selected. 
Style: Long sleeve or short sleeve? Long sleeves are more expensive than short sleeves. 
Quantity: It directly affects the amount of each piece of clothing. The larger the quantity, the less the edition fee per piece of clothing.

Factors affecting T-shirt customization prices

Color: white or light or dark, dark is the most expensive, and white is the cheapest. 
How much is the color of the pattern: the more colors the more expensive, the same color printed in different places is also considered different colors. For example: there are 3 places printed on a piece of clothing (left chest, back middle, sleeves) but all are printed in the same color, so it is still 3 colors (because of the printer). In addition, as long as it is a different color or the distance is too long (requires another version), it is a color regardless of the size of the pattern, even if you only use 1CM * 1CM for that color. Generally, as long as it is about A3 size Allowed, no need to open a special large board. 
Whether to use special colors: such as gold or silver, usually the cost of 2 to 3 colors.

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