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With the development of society, smart phones are becoming more and more popular, and it can be said that they have one hand. On the subway, at bus stops, and even by the roadside, there are "low heads" holding mobile phones everywhere. With the development of smart phones, the rapid development of the mobile phone case industry has also been driven. The original function of the mobile phone case was to protect the mobile phone. How many people broke the mobile phone because they did not bring the mobile phone case and could not regret it. With the progress of the times, people's requirements for mobile phone cases are becoming higher and higher. Mobile phone cases are not only a tool to protect mobile phones, but also a way to show personality and beautify mobile phones. A custom mobile phone case came into being. Compared with ordinary mobile phone cases, it can better fit everyone's personal characteristics, and there is no embarrassment of hitting the "shell".
When choosing a custom mobile phone case, many friends do not know what patterns can be selected for design.
From the mermaid falling into the deep sea, turning into a void bubble, to Cinderella rushing away, and losing the beautiful crystal shoes, everyone must have a fairytale dream in her heart. At night when I was young and fell asleep listening to a fairy tale, have you ever dreamed of crossing the magical fairy tale world, talking with rabbits, dancing with dolphins, holding a ball in a beautiful palace, waiting for a ride A white horse prince, or a princess in a Chinese costume. Fairy tales will never be outdated. Even grown-up adults will always have a place in their hearts, pretending to have dreams of childhood. This customized mobile phone of fairy tale series has selected four familiar fairy tales for creation.
I. Customized mobile phone case for fairy tales-Alice in Wonderland

Fairy tale mobile phone case custom fall into childhood dreamland

I always feel that this is an adult fairy tale. I remember Alice met the Cheshire Cat for the first time in the woods. Alice asked the cat which way to go. The cat said that if you do n’t even know where to go, it does n’t matter which way. "Life needs an accurate goal so that you can keep going. At the end of the story is Nan Keyi Dream. Cowardly, frightened, uneasy in reality, can be released in dreams. So tired in reality, you might as well sleep well We are all big men in the dream.

Custom phone case-Alice in Wonderland
Customized mobile phone case for fairy tales-Little Prince
One should have guessed that behind the ridiculous trick of the flowers was a tender tenderness. However, most people are too young after all to understand or love her. If you want to see the greenest and best love in the world, you can't miss The Little Prince. But forgive me for not starting to talk about the topic of "domestication" with you here. Because at this moment, I was "tamed".

Custom phone case-Little Prince
Customized mobile phone case for fairy tales-Little Red Riding Hood
I think most people's fear of wolves starts with this story. At that time, if you were not obedient, you would always be taught by your parents to say, "If you are not obedient, you will be taken away by the big wolf." Now that we have grown up, we all know that bad things will never be taken away . We are no longer that simple little Red Riding Hood, but we always remain kind and believe that bad guys will have retribution after all. I always remember that at the end of the story, a brave hunter rescued Little Red Riding Hood and grandma from the wolf belly.

Fairy tale mobile phone case custom fall into childhood dreamland

Custom phone case-Little Red Riding Hood

Fairy tale mobile phone case custom fall into childhood dreamland

Fourth, the fairy tale custom mobile phone case-a cat who has lived a million times
Do you guys know this story? This story may not be as well known as fairy tales such as Little Prince and Little Red Riding Hood, but this is a story I like very much. I recommend you to take a look. Although life is sometimes bitter and sweet, but I still hope that everyone can be like this cat, from small love, self-love to big love, strong and alive, when not so happy, allow yourself to pretend to die for a while until you meet your Love.
Fairy tale mobile phone case custom fall into childhood dreamland

Custom phone case-a cat who lives a million times

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