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May 19, 2020 07:11 am    

In my memory, the throw pillow is not popular when I was young. The sofa is not a must-have for every family. Families with sofas are always different. When there are no guests at ordinary times, mothers always take a cloth and cover it carefully to prevent dust and protect the sofa.

I can't exactly traceback when the throw pillow became a necessary part of home life. Up to now, the concept of home space has gone beyond practical. More people care about pleasing the eyes and the heart. As for the sofa, we should not only fully display the finely selected materials, but also match some decorations to make it present the most perfect appearance. Therefore, the personalized design of digital print pillow cover has become more and more popular. It is indeed a sharp tool in sofa decoration.

Some time ago, sherry, a friend of mine, met with living trouble and asked me, "I've been living here for a long time. Sometimes I want to change my home appearance, but I don't know where to start making." There are not a few modern people like her who love to change but stop at the action

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So today, I'll tell you one tip. It's actually very simple. Save a big meal and start by buying pillow covers ! Throw pillow, known as "the universal collocation of home decor", It's also a decorative painting that can be moved at home. It can make the sofa have expression by embellishment.

The old Sherry home/living room


Sherry home / after the change

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After the change, Sherry said that the pillow cover is like a woman's lipstick. How to buy it is not enough.

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