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May 05, 2020 01:58 am    

In our moments, some fashionistas who share their luxury purchases every day, the only thing missing is a low-key yet stylish custom T-shirt! This summer, you have played around the city and brought all kinds of favorite items home. This summer, fashionable you only need a custom-made T-shirt that suits your style!

Become a disseminator of culture.

Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black composition No. 3 was created by the painter Mondrian in 1929. The neo-stylism represented by him completely refused to use any figurative elements and advocated the use of pure geometric abstraction to express pure spirit. Wearing this T-shirt, walking on the road. Unwittingly, you have also become a supporter of neo-stylism, telling curious passers-by the story behind the pattern, cutting the picture on the composition, with a sense of three-dimensional and future.

Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black composition No. 3, art, girl ,custom t-shirt

Love and culture

The picture designed by the painter Mondrian is intended to express the pure spirit with the abstraction of pure geometry. Does it just imply your pure love for her? Exquisitely printed text, give us a couple, you black I white, a perfect match, with your design concept of this dress to express love to her, to upgrade love to the mission of spreading culture, so that love has more charm. This is a special love for her!

love art  printed text, girl ,blck and white,custom t-shirt

Talking clothes are also textbooks

Let your T-shirt speak and tell your child the pattern with the story behind the T-shirt. The origin of this idea is to teach and have fun. This carries a profound culture and lively and lovely children's clothes, giving children a kind of invisible power, this force inspires the children: I also want to become the disseminator of culture.

The above content is the art girls' T-shirt customization shared with you today. If you want to know more about T-shirt customization , please pay attention to our T-shirt customization information. If you need customized service, you can contact us directly. We will provide you with quality service.

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