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Jan 16, 2020 04:05 am    

What I'm going to share with you guys this time are three personalized phone cases, which are also very beautiful. It's all the girl's favorite styles. Boys who want to buy a mobile phone case for their girlfriend also can please their girlfriend. Come and have a look~

Green and brown painted pearl milk tea pattern creative phone case

The first one is the super-hot "milk tea mobile phone case" among girls, which really suits girls' preferences. How can fairies who like to drink milk tea, not like this "milk tea mobile phone case"~

Red Sesame Street cartoon head red and white print mobile  phone case

The "Sesame Street" element is also loved by girls. The fluffy cartoon dolls can be as cute as they want. The red color is also very personalized, interesting and beautiful, with full fashion style~

White mobile phone case printed with red Yakult characters

Finally, this "Yakult" mobile phone case is also full of creativity ~ clean white mobile phone case with red "Yakult" words, really super interesting ~ although the design is simple, but a unique style ~

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