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Jan 02, 2020 02:56 am    

If you've ever bathed in a shower with shower curtains that are too short or too narrow, you know how frustrating it can be to keep water out of the bathroom and not have an effect. Fortunately, custom-designed shower curtains come in several sizes and can accommodate a wide variety of tubs. Before you buy a new shower curtain, you need to take some measurements to make sure your shower curtain fits perfectly. This standard shower curtain size guide will help you decide what size shower curtain to buy.

Guide for the dimensions of standard shower curtains

Standard shower curtain size
The shower curtain is designed to fit a standard 60-inch tub. The design adds 12 inches of width to ensure a neat appearance and folds when closed. Some designers can have curtains as high as 108 inches.

Standard shower curtain size:
70 x 70 inches
70 x 72 inches
72 x 72 inches
At the professionally customized printed shower curtain website, our shower curtains come in a variety of sizes and styles and can be installed in any bathroom. We also provide matching shower curtain rings for easy setup and use. You can see our complete product here.

Guide for the dimensions of standard shower curtains

How to measure standard shower curtain width

Shower width + 12 inches = shower curtain width

Guide for the dimensions of standard shower curtains

If you are not sure whether the bathtub or shower curtain is a standard size, you can easily measure it. For curtain widths, measure the length of the curtain rod and then increase it by 12 inches. This extra length ensures that the curtains reach the walls from both sides while providing enough fabric for folding.

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