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Nov 05, 2019 03:52 am    

First of all,the choice of mouse pad is divided into two directions:Professional player direction and office business direction.Instead of making too many breakthroughs in the appearance the product,the professional players focus on the product performance and span ,aiming to ensure that the players can use it for a long time to maintain a stable and excellent feel.It is understood that this category includes the most players and even professional players.Office business is aimed at office and business environment,you may be a senior gamer,but it is very likely that you will not travel with a large mouse pad or put it in the office for daily use.On the other hand ,this will cause a wastes of performance,and the use occasions do not conform to the use positioning of the mouse pad itself.On the other hand, it is not convenient to travel with such a mouse pad,not suitable for the use scene at the time.

In addition,although some products will be listed this article, they are not limited to several choices in the article. The products listed are only examples for players.Specific choices require players to choose one of their favorite products by themselves.

Let’s talk a little bit about how to choose the right product in different scenarios.

That’s way we need to use professional mouse pads to play games.It’s not that we are vanity as game players,but that when our technology and games have required us yo be an equipment Partly,it’s inevitable to invest peripherals properly.

In the field of profession mouse pad, we no longer pay attention to the unity of our peripheral brands,but the material,size and thickness of mouse pad have become the prerequisite for us to choose a mouse pad.

Have all sorts of mouse pads dazzled you?

In terms of materials ,at present,players buy more rigid resin surface and soft cloth surface.Although metal pad and glass pad have also been popular for a while,they have gradually become a minority due to price and other reasons, and the cloth surface in resin surface and cloth mouse pad has always occupied the upper hand with a larger market share.Currently,resin pad is only used in some high-end products.
Have all sorts of mouse pads dazzled you?

In terms of size, there are different opinions. The small and medium size are close to the size of the mouse pad we use all the time. The large and large size mouse pads are usually used as table mats. Put the keyboard and mouse on the mouse pad together. The advantage of this is that the wrists are on the mouse pad when typing with both hands. The soft mouse pad will give the wrists a supporting role, relatively speaking More comfortable, of course, the extra large mouse pad usually has a higher price, and for the mouse, the handle of the same model is similar, as for how to choose it depends on the personal needs of the players.

Have all sorts of mouse pads dazzled you?

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