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A custom T-shirt makes you feel healthy and energetic. It also gives you inspiration for the area you are carrying. However, when you customize a T-shirt, it is difficult to distinguish the difference between various T-shirts. The quality of the fabric technology is different, and the stitching and routing of the T-shirt are also related to the quality of the T-shirt.
Density and weight
The texture of a T-shirt depends on the density and weight of the fabric. Density is the number of cotton yarns-the thickness of the yarn, the higher the number of yarns, the thinner the yarn, the softer the clothes. Gram weight—grams per square meter of fabric. The larger the weight, the thicker the clothes, and the thinner the lighter.

How can you tell a custom T-shirt from a bad one?

Different weaving processes
Tianzhu cotton : T company uses a custom-made and most innovative weaving process of cotton fabrics. The fabrics are drawn regularly and picked, forming uneven thickness on the yarns, which increases the surface area and hollowness of the plants.
Features: soft, high breathability, stretch resistance, high moisture absorption, vicissitude of linen fabric
High count cotton : T company's high count cotton uses a cotton texture. The 40 counts are just the right count density, and the more counts are, the finer and more fragile the cotton will be, and the easier it is to draw.
Features: Fabric is dense and soft, precision workmanship, high moisture absorption, skin-friendly and comfortable.
Ring spinning cotton : 100% cotton, there are two processes of ring spinning and air spinning. Ring spinning has better yarn quality, and high-end white T-shirts will use ring spinning.
Features: Slightly thin, more cost-effective
Odale cotton : Odale fabric is a high-grade fiber woven with vegetable protein fibers through a special process, and then cotton and this plant protein fiber are woven. Is an environmentally friendly textile fabric.
Features: The fabric has large elasticity and strong plasticity, and has the properties of cotton and silk. The fabric has a light texture, smooth, and stretch-resistant.
Quick-drying fabric : Quick-drying fabric is a double-layered fabric. The inner layer has no affinity for sweat. It is directly transmitted to the outer water-absorbent material through the micropores, so that the inner layer of your body will never feel the presence of sweat.
Features: refreshing and comfortable, no requirements for daily cleaning
Combed cotton : T company customizes the use of a combing machine to remove the longer foreign fibers from the cotton fibers, making the fibers neat, more refined after weaving, and more uniform density distribution.
Features: Thick, durable and smooth to the touch
Seams, traces and ends
Whether the seams are aligned, the threads are neat, and the threads are flying horizontally are the quality of the details of a T-shirt. It is also a manifestation of whether a custom company has a strong supply chain and professional technical equipment.
In general, the quality of fabrics is directly proportional to the price. Among different types of fabrics, the suitable one is the best. For activities such as group building, the fabric is very dense and soft but not suitable for wear. It is appropriate to choose the fabric that is within the scope of the ability and the current custom T-shirt scene is the most suitable. The T agency will use high-quality fabrics with high-precision technology to allow you to buy the most suitable custom T-shirts with limited funds.

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