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Apr 30, 2020 06:50 am    

I believe that everyone will smile more or less at certain brands and certain cultural shirts seen online and offline, "Oh, what is this thing ?! I'm going to make something much stronger than this", and I fell into the back "Cultural shirt style-fabric-printing and other cycles". Recall the first impression of the custom-made t-shirt-"Why not put the pattern on your chest?" In fact, there are various aspects of customizing cultural shirts that you haven't learned about.

Custom T shirt

Customized cultural shirts are centered on four elements, the pattern is the core, the standard is "good-looking", the product is the focus, and the standard is "comfortable". The cultural shirt is nice and comfortable. What bicycle do you want? As for the price and quality, unless you touch the conscience of the producer. Since it is a custom t-shirt, you have to understand how various t-shirts are customized.
The core of cultural shirt customization-pattern attributes
Cultural shirts are developed as the periphery of major brands. In 2019, the cultural shirts on the streets are all Tom and Jerry, Shuk and Beta, Mickey and Minnie, and along with their little friends, occupied the counters of major brands. The visual labels of these patterns have been deeply rooted in people's hearts, no matter what brand or craft, buy it!
So whether it is Impressionist Fauvism, Bada Shanren or Qingming Shanghetu, as long as it is a good-looking pattern and an excellent quality bottom shirt, then an exquisite cultural shirt of high quality has been successfully completed by 80%.
 Cool T shirt

The focus of customizing cultural shirts-product attributes
As a customized product, cultural shirts, styles and fabrics are the decisive factors for us to decide whether to start buying. Cultural shirt styles range from short-sleeved to long-sleeved, slim-fitting loose; 22 to 40 fabrics and 40 double yarns with memory; materials also have natural cotton and functions The difference between various styles such as sexual chemical fiber, you carefully consider the taste, what kind of t-shirt style do you really want?
The comfort of wearing a cultural shirt is the most straightforward feeling. The single-piece printing process of custom cultural shirts is difficult to compare with mass production in terms of quality. The processes used by the two are roughly the same but far from painful. The plate-making cost of the silk screen process of professionally customized cultural shirts is far greater than the printing cost of mass production of cultural shirts.
 Designed T shirt

The key to the customization of cultural shirts-custom manufacturers of cultural shirts
In the 2020s, inter-chain network customization has developed into a mature model, making the entire customization process simpler and smoother. Want to customize the cultural shirt? Just need to design the manufacturer's cultural shirt and set the price and target number, we can sit and enjoy the finished product of the customized cultural shirt.
 Amazing T shirt

The most important thing in the customization of cultural shirts-printing process
Compared with the printing process that everyone knows, most of them are direct injection or heat transfer. In fact, in addition to these two printing processes, custom cultural shirts have a variety of printing processes that can be used together. The final renderings of the customized cultural shirts are rich in color, comfortable in hand, and vivid in patterns. It is also unimaginable.
The printing shirts of cultural shirts used by each custom factory range from several thousand yuan to several million, which is also the reason for the price difference of customized cultural shirt products. At the same time, the cost of ink supplies also ranges from several hundred yuan to thousands of yuan, superimposed , Using the same digital direct injection, you can also get the cost difference of a few yuan and dozens of yuan. 

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