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Custom hoodies online, how do you see the quality of the hoodies? Now there are many more custom hoodie manufacturers on the Internet , but the quality of the hoodies made by these manufacturers varies, so as a customer, how should you distinguish the quality of the hoodie? The following editors are for everyone. introduce.

How do you make a hoodie online?


  1. Customized quality of hoodies
    When customizing the hoodie, you should consider the comfort of the hoodie and the function of the fabric to quickly guide moisture and sweat. Clothing with soft and malleable fabrics, such as hoodies made of cotton, wool, and fleece, must be comfortable, firm, and not weak. Pay attention to the usual moisture and sticky products with softeners. To be comfortable in the suburbs, it is not recommended to buy.
  2. Customized quality of hoodies
    Commodities with a pungent odor such as gasoline are not suitable for purchase, indicating that the chemical content of the hoodie is more in the customization process. Pure cotton sweatshirts are often stored poorly and are prone to moisture and mildew. If moldy products are not suitable for purchase, it indicates that the fabrics of the products have been moldy and pathogenic bacteria have grown. It must be noted that the formaldehyde of bright-colored clothes exceeds the standard. When customizing hoodies, you must pay attention to them and choose hoodies without large-scale printing and dyeing as much as possible.
  3. Customized quality of hoodies-selection of details
    In the customization of the hoodie, you can pay attention to the details of the clothing. It is mainly to see if the decorative items, various accessories, etc. on the clothing have fallen off or are not secure. Of course, also pay attention to whether the drawstring of the hood is easy to adjust. Washing water on clothes is also essential, but also look at the integrity of the tag information on the hoodie.
    The quality of custom hoodies depends on the above three points, which can help you choose a satisfactory hoodie.

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