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Dec 10, 2019 03:15 am    

The custom-made price of corporate anniversary hoodies has always been a concern for many companies, and things like comparative costs still need to be controlled. But you can’t blindly pursue low prices. For example, many online stores have custom-made clothing . The prices are indeed very cheap, but the quality of the bottom shirt and the printing quality are not commendable, especially if the printing quality is not good, it will fall off, fade, and lose completely Makes sense of customization. So what we want to pursue is not low price, but high cost performance, to find the best hoodie within the budget. 

How much is the enterprise custom batch hoodie

Anniversary hoodie customization-fabric
There are many kinds of fabrics in the market, but the problem of more or less cotton content, but it is these differences in cotton content that indirectly lead to different prices. The same style of hoodies, different fabrics may lead to the final anniversary of the hoodie customization Prices differ by at least 1 time.
Anniversary hoodie customization- printing process
The custom printing process of the anniversary hoodie is another big part of our price. The charging standard of the printing process is different for different printing processes, so we must ask the customer service carefully when customizing.

How much is the enterprise custom batch hoodie

Anniversary hoodie customization-manufacturers
The same fabrics and styles of the anniversary hoodie are customized, and different clothing manufacturers may make different prices. The quality of the custom-made anniversary hoodie also depends on the manufacturing process in the production process and the degree of quality control, such as the application of the version, the selection of accessories, the sewing process, and ironing packaging.
Anniversary hoodie customization-quantity
Anniversary hoodie customization price is also related to the order quantity: the more one-off quantities are when the hoodie is customized, the more preferential prices the manufacturer can give, if the quantity is small, dozens, hundreds, evenly distributed The production cost becomes much more expensive, and naturally the unit price will be higher.

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